Documentary Style Video is Beneficial for Brand Promotion

Trust me, now documentaries are not just the stories that you see on television regarding any particular subject like rock-climbing or an emerging music artist to

disaster relief. Now documentary style video is also used to promote a brand and distribute it online for free without a strong advertising agenda. Let me tell you that it is the newest form of video content that is emerging and trust me there is a good reason, why it is so successful. Rather than creating a commercial advertising that can be quite expensive, the brand can indeed create short documentaries, that also at a lesser budget.

Let me tell you what is so good about documentary video production that makes it go unique and famous.

Video is King

It is not a news that video is the king of marketing and best way to promote your brand. According to a research about 60% of the online consumers will watch the video, rather than reading a text. Apart from that video content is also highly engaging and is shared in large amount on social media. The statics says it all. Any brand that is serious about marketing will take advantage of video’s many benefits in order to communicate with the potential consumers.

Cut Through the Clutter

Now the point here is that, in the world of cut throat competition, where there are so many images that dominates how can a brand cut through the visual clutter and stand out in crowd. Let me tell you that as the quality of video enhances, more the consumer becomes selective regarding what they want to watch.

So, it is important to present something unique to the consumers in order to attract their attention. Consumers are now smart and they decide for themselves how and when to interact with their brands of choice and are rejecting the old and traditional overt marketing and advertising methods.

Quality Matters

Brands need to keep on their toes in order to reflect the changing online customer environment when it comes to creating content that their loyal customers would want to engage with. Just producing a standard video is not enough anymore. The challenge for the brands is now to produce a better quality instead of quantity.

Video content creation is moving into a more strategic and thoughtful phase. As the emphasis shifts towards the longer form, more consumers actively want to watch, and that social channels reward.

Lastly, there is a rise in the documentary style video marketing as story-telling is the marketing buzzword and the video content naturally lends itself to this method of communicating brand identity.

The documentary-style video branded video takes the idea a step further. If the stories are appealing to the audience, a short film or a documentary style video provides a way for brands to use other people’s stories to indirectly communicate something about themselves. By using documentary style videos they can attract the customers through dramatic and emotional elements.

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